Family Ties & Pies




Every Saturday at the farmer's Market we have hot freshly baked stuffed brioche. Made with local veggies or sausage. They are scrumptious and sastisfy anyone's appetite

We bake awesome scones. You should try them.  There are 6 six flavors: Almond Poppy Seed, Cinnamon Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry Pistachio, Orange Ginger and Everything (which has a little of all the above scones)!

We use local or organic top notch ingredients in our quiche.

Bacon, veggie, broccoli cheddar, & quiche lorraine

         We sell mouth watering quiche, scones, brioche and  we make cookies for the holidays! 

   4th of July Fresh Fruit Tarts

   Peach Kuchens await  baking

 Thanksgiving  Fresh Fruit Tart 

Valentine's Candy Cookie Pie

 Assorted Holiday Cookies

Stacey our newest member of FTP

     local farm fresh veggies for veggie quiche

    Holiday Lebkuchen (Gingerbread People)

               Pi Day Pie 3/14

Price List                            cutie pies 3" pies               small 6" pies              large 9" pies

  • Pies & Quiche                   $ 5                               $ 10                                 $ 20
  • Fruit Tart                                                                                                           $ 25
  • Scones                                $2 each
  • Brioche                               $5 each 
  • Holiday Cookies               $1.00 each  or $5 for 6 cookies, $10 for a dozen