Farmer's Markets


Every Saturday morning , April-December, we sell at the Charlottesville City Market!

Please visit and try a pie! 

 If you are thinking about Pie for your wedding or large event. We do tastings! Pick out 5 flavors, we make a date and have some fun tasting pie! The best part, all leftovers go home with you! 

Getting married?  We love making pies for weddings. We have a lot of flavors to choose from. Let us know, we  deliver!

One of Family Ties & Pies  scrumptious crumb pies

Family Ties & Pies

Welcome to our Family Ties & Pies website.  We are a local 'mom & pop' (with kids) based business and we sell at farmer's markets, local festivals, stores, restaurants, and to anyone that wants a pie. We use wholesome, all natural fresh ingredients and love buying from our local farmers to keep our products fresh and awesome.